YEAR: 2021

"Voices" is a pavilion based on the rich history of demonstration and protest that Ann Arbor is known for. The structure and form is created from wooden boards painted as protest signs that are suspended from a wooden structure. This allows for a modular fabrication and adaption of the structure to different alleyways.

Visually, protest signs are tied to a specific time, movement, and feeling. A fight by the people, energized by a collective response and united by a common ground. The pavilion is located in the alley south of West Liberty Street, right next door to the Ann Arbor Art Center. Engaging the public to think not only about the current discussions at hand, but also remind them of the past historical protests and movements that shed light on the ongoing discussions. By weaving history with current events in an unused, arbitrary space, an urban structure is defined by the communities population and their history. The pavilion aims to create a new use for the prototypical American alleyway, a gathering space and space for discussion for the community.

Towards the middle of the pavilion, the signs raise to create a space, an opening that allows for the gathering of people around a central object. The speakers box accepts the role of the historic speakers' corner, a place where free speech, discussion, and debate happen freely without persecution. Allowing people to raise above a crowd and engage with the community, the box is both functional and symbolic.