YEAR: 2020

Brette Ut! is a competition entry for a workshop for the Follo museum. The museum is an open-air cultural history museum showcasing traditional houses and building methods. Our workshop was to create both pedagogical spaces but have learning embedded into the physical building. Large timber beams express a sympathy to the surroundng timber buildings, while large glazed areas allow open communication across visiting spaces and different workshops.

Brette Ut, or ‘fold out’, aimed to embody a welcoming and open nature. The central spaces are linked by a long axial corridor and frame protected courtyards. These courtyard bring light and seasonality into the building, while also creating a secondary working area in connection to wood and metal workshops. Likewise, they create permeability in the building allowing views to the wooded surroundings. Thus, the building is intimate and seasonal - opening up in the warmer months and visible in the colder.