YEAR: ongoing

We welcome contributions in all forms - but at the moment, we really need your help to fund getting this project out of our workshop and into the water! 

Above/ /Below is a multidisciplinary project which brings marine science and social architecture together! In this project we are working with blue mussels to restore ecologically rich areas within Gothenburg and create public space for learning about our local environment.

Above/ /Below can be understood as creating unique yet integrally linked space “Above” and ”Below” the river’s surface. “Above” we focus on public space, pedagogy and protection. A temporary public space creates opportunities for people to gather, learn about their local ecosystem and be actively involved in ecological stewardship of their Götaälv. “Below” we create habitat structures for blue mussels, which in turn create habitat opportunities for other species and lead to increased ecosystem resilience.

This project is a multidisciplinary collaborative project between MISC. Studio, Passalen, IVL, Sea Patterns + other friends! The multidisciplinary nature of our team enables the various knowledge backgrounds to support and enhance both the ’Above’ and ’Below’ aspects of the project. Ecological and social concepts will be intertwined and provide a strong starting point for robust and resilient solutions which address our twin focuses simultaneously.

This project is ongoing. Right now we are organising a social programme of events and developing 3D printed clay habitat structures to be deployed in Summer 2021. 

To read more about the modules here.

Read more: https://www.gp.se/nyheter/g%C3%B6teborg/3d-printade-lerhotell-ska-hj%C3%A4lpa-musslorna-i-frihamnen-1.48797450