YEAR: ongoing

We welcome contributions in all forms - but at the moment, we really need your help to fund getting this project out of our workshop and into the water!

Above/ /Below is a multidisciplinary project which brings marine science and social architecture together! In this project we are working with blue mussels to restore ecologically rich areas within Gothenburg and create public space for learning about our local environment.

For this project, we developed and printed two different blue mussel homes: the Cocoon and the Clover. 

The Cocoon is based on coral structures and aims to maximise multidirectional waterflow through the module. It’s branching structure is hollow creating lots of nooks and cranies for blue mussels to settle. 

The Clover imitates the texture of oyster shells. We used photogammetry of oyster shells to derive a detailed 3D mesh which could be manipulated around a clover shape. 

Read more about the Above/ /Below project here